• Mechanics' workshop!!
This is a new school for us and it came into our orbit through its Principal, Mr Weerakirthi.

We first came across Mr Weerakirthi when he was the agricultural teacher at Mahasenpura School. 

We provided him with some seeds so he could cultivate a small patch of the school grounds to show his pupils how to grow various crops.

He then moved to Weligatha School and we helped him to transform it by building a computer lab, library, science lab and water tank. 

He has now been promoted to one of the largest schools in an agricultural area around the Lunugamwehera Dam project. 

This school is one of the few schools which teaches up to A-levels and is unusual because it also tries to provide vocational training. 

It has a room to train mechanics (above left), but sadly this is currently not in use because there is no-one trained to teach and the equipment is rusty!!! 

We would like to get this up and running again.