This is one of the largest schools in Tissa town and is the home of our first flagship project, the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre.

We chose Mahasenpura School as the site to build a centre for two reasons. 

Firstly, we thought its size and location meant many students and locals would benefit from it. 

And secondly, we admired its then Principal, Mr Kithsiri.

His enthusiasm for computing took him from a position of not being able to use one in 2006 to becoming head of IT for the entire zonal education region just a few years later.

The success of the computer centre has led the school to expand rapidly in recent years and it has now run out of space. 

Some students are currently being taught under a tree and others are in makeshift shed - neither a conducive environment for study.

One of our future aims is to raise funds to build new classrooms in the large playground, which stretches out from the back of the school.