This is one of the friendliest schools we have come across and can sometimes seem more like an extended family than an educational establishment. 

There is a large contingent of female teachers who take the extramural part of their jobs very seriously.

This means they are very good at identifying children with difficulties at home and we have increasingly pointed funds from the sponsorship programme to support them.

The school itself already had a library before we became involved, but we have been re-stocked it with books on a number of occasions. 

It also had an adjoining storage room, which we were able to convert into a computer lab.

Top of the school's wishlist now is a home sciences classroom. 

The current room was built at the turn of the 20th century and appears to have more cracks and holes than it does bricks and mortar.

It may also have been visited by the author Leonard Woolf, who visited the school twice during his tenure as Governor of Hambantota District.