• Best Home Garden in Southern Province

Since his arrival a couple of years ago, Mr Kumarasinghe has transformed Nadigamwila School and in 2012 it won the competition for Best Home Garden in Southern Province.

The former agricultural teacher is very dynamic and has an incredible eye for design and detail.

He believes in making everything the best it can be within the budget he has. 

The results are obvious as soon as anyone walks through the school gates. 

Mr Kumarasinghe has also been ambitious to lift his school's academic results. 

We have helped with a number of projects including: erecting a water tank; re-building a classroom; installing computing furniture, re-stocking the library and building a science lab.

But there is still some way to go until Nadigamwila has good facilities. 

Top of the requirements list are an English activity room and metal grilles to secure four classrooms from the elements.

The school could also do with a lot more science equipment and a better library.