SRI discovered this temple thanks to the efforts of its chief priest who read an article about our activities in a local newspaper and contacted our computer centre manager, Tharindu.

He requested some computes for his temple's Sunday School activities as there were 60 children attending computer classes run by the local secondary school's IT teacher. 

However, he only had his own lap top so it was difficult for the children to do any practicals. 

We donated two used computers from our regional computer centre after we upgraded the computers there to flat screens.

The whole area around the temple is also being upgraded thanks to the arrival of Sri Lanka's new airport at nearby Mattala.

As a result of this, many of the wild elephants in the area have been herded into a nearby national park.

This has allowed the local community to start growing crops without risk of them being trampled and eaten by elephants.

The government has also been installing electricity, irrigated water and building new roads.