We came across this school (equivalent to a British grammar school) in 2013 after one of our favourite principals transferred there from nearby Mulana School.

Mrs Sujeewa is an extremely able woman, but she has a lot of work on her hands managing one of the largest schools in the entire province.

It is also one of the strongest academically, coming 15th nationally in the most recent grade five exams. 

The teachers told us this good result was thanks to an intensive after school and holiday programme to prepare the students.

Depressingly, we discovered that while Vijayaba has a large library, the books were all in a terrible condition because they were so old.

With no government budget to replace them, we stepped in and purchased a couple of boxes of novels from bookshops in Colombo.

However, this is just a small fraction of what a school of this size needs.

Vijayaba National School also has a special needs classroom, but unfortunately no equipment. 

We bought some building blocks for the children, but again the school could do with far more.

The school would also like to build a toilet block for the special needs children.