Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre

  • The MCCC team

The Mahasenpura Community Computer Center (MCCC) was opened in February 2007 and is situated in the grounds of Mahasenpura School. 

SRI built and funds the centre, which is run for and by the local community, providing free computer teaching and training seven days a week.

Tharindu Geetham, a former pupil of Mahasenpura School manages the MCCC and is assisted by four teachers: Mr Nuwan, Mrs Sammani, Mrs Thushari and Mrs Nimeshika. 

They too, are all from the surrounding neighbourhood and have been given their computer training by SRI.

Our two security guards, Mr Somasiri and Mr Jinasena, have children who attend the school.

During the school day, Tharindu and his team teach children who are attending the Mahaseunpura school up to O-level standard. 

As computer education becomes more widespead, we hope to increase this to A-level standard as well.  

Immediately after school, the MCCC holds courses and revision classes for children from neighbouring schools. 

During the evenings and weekends there are a range of options for adults, including basic certificate courses and advanced diplomas. 

The MCCC also serves as a hub for computer labs in other schools equipped by SRI (see the tab: computer labs). 

As well as teaching at the centre, Mr Nuwan is always on hand to maintain their equipment and provide free software upgrades.

Since 2012, the computer centre has been sponsored by Barclays Bank and this has enabled us to significantly expand its facilities and outreach work. 

Pictured left is Madeesha Chathurangi from Tissa School, who won our schools PowerPoint competition in October 2013.

One student's story

My name is GS Dhanushika Sankalpana. 

I study at Mahasenpura School and my father is a security guard at the MCCC.

I want to tell you that I love this centre very much. The teachers are kind and educated. They teach us very clearly.  

Before the Centre was built students did not know about computers. Now it is not a dream for them. 

None of us knew about the internet. 

Now we have learned about it and we can use it especially during the school vacations when we come to the centre to play games, browse the internet and create presentations. 

I was very lucky to participate in the Microsoft presentation competition. 

My wish is that if you can help this centre it will be very great for us and also for the staff who work there.

Thank you.