Student Sponsorship

  • Dinusha Harsani

Our student sponsorship programme has been made possible thanks to the generosity of a handful of individual donors. 

These average out at about US$10 per month for school children and US$25 per month for university students.

We are currently supporting around 80 students in this way. 

Over the years we have provided support to some 400 students. 

Each student is carefully selected by recommendations from the school principal, and support from the family and village elders.

There is a significant administration cost in providing this level of support and we fund this through our general administration expenses - such that any donation in this programme goes directly to the students.

One student's story

I am Ravi Liyana Arachchi, a fourth year student at the Faculty of Medicine in Galle. 

I have received this scholarship for more than three years and it is very valuable for me.

I have to buy many things for my studies including medical books and equipment as well as food and accommodation. 

My family is unable to fulfil my academic needs because of my father's low income.

Now I have an overseas parent and he has given me the greatest opportunity to have a career, while minimising the economic burden and psychological stress.