HSBC Outreach Day

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MR Nethasha: Mahasenpura School grade 6 to 8 first place Microsoft PowerPoint competitionA group of volunteers from HSBC travelled to Tissamahamaharama to help local school students and their parents learn how to gain necessary skills to thrive in the modern workplace. The 15-strong group from Colombo, spent a day at the Mahasenpura School and two rural schools Osuwinna and Ranminithenna, as part of a horizon expanding exercise.

During the morning session, individual team members related their personal life stories to show that students from even the remotest background could aspire to similar jobs if they worked hard to gain the right educational qualifications.H.S.B.C program 2019.10 (77) 2

The team explained why IT and English are particularly important for office-based jobs. They also highlighted why gaining real world experience through job placements is as important as educational certificates in the eyes of many future employers.

In the afternoon, the HSBC team handed out prizes to students from the Hambantota area who had participated in our zonal-wide Power Point competition.

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