May: Mask Distribution

Thanks to Artemis Associates in Hong Kong for sponsoring mask distribution to families in need around Tissa.

The Hong Kong-based reputation management consultancy is an existing sponsor of our student sponsorship scheme, which we used to identify families who cannot afford to buy masks and have vulnerable family members with underlying medical conditions.

Pictured are Chandrika and her sons Thusitha and Tharindu who are both unable to speak. She works as a labourer after the father abandoned the family.

March: Sumudu Pre-School Sponsorhsip

Thanks once again to Cate Thomas, her partner, Ron Sidell, and brother, John Skutsch, who renewed their sponsorship of the Montessori school they originally built in 2010.

It has continued operating during the pandemic and has a teacher and assistant who recently returned to the school after completing her training in Galle.

February: Students Zoom Training

Pictured is grade 11 student Udeni outside her house with Nuwan teaching her how to take part in a video conference call on her father's phone.

We are trying to put the MCTC to best use during the pandemic by letting government teachers use it to provide revision classes for students who have O-level exams coming up.

February: Teachers Zoom Training

An increasing number of Covid-19 cases are keeping most students at home so we’ve started training government teachers how to use Zoom at the Mahasenpura Community Training Centre (MCTC) instead.

Almost none of these teachers will have a computer at home. Some will use the centre to hold classes, others will use their Smartphones.

February: HSBC Poster Project

Children at Mahasenpura, Kawantissapura, Nadigamwila and Ranmithenna Schools received colourful charts and graphs created by HSBC Colombo staff members and their families.

The bank's volunteers usually travel far and wide every year to work on various community projects. Restrictions due to COVID-19 stopped that.

Many thanks to Hambantota International Port Group for transporting them across country too.

January: CIMA Library Renovations

For the fourth year running, we worked with the Colombo-based CIMA Students Society. This year they raised funds to renovate two school libraries at Kawantissapura and Ranminithenna Schools.

Both libraries lacked enough tables, or chairs for the students to sit on. In addition to receiving furniture and books, they're also now getting a regular supply of educational magazines too.