SRI Trustees

SRI was founded after the 2004 Tsunami by a group of friends living in Hong Kong. Our love of the country, its natural beauty and the people has only grown over the years. We are all volunteers, covering our own expenses so that every donation goes to where it's needed most.

Jackie Horne

I've looked after the day-to-day operations in Sri Lanka since the beginning. I also set up SRI's UK arm and actively pursue our fundraising and marketing. It's really gratifying that the whole SRI team have been together since inception: we've become like a small family.

Jonathan Back

My connection to Sri Lanka dates back to the 1980's when I was involved with the Victoria Dam project near Kandy before going to university. Today, I help to oversee SRI's Sri Lankan finances. I have also sponsored many students through their education and a number of school projects.

Steve Irvine

I've been involved with SRI from the outset, raising a large chunk of our initial seed capital from a group of investment banks after the Tsunami. I also set up our tax-exempt status in Hong Kong and have continued actively raising funds and marketing the NGO ever since then.

Rod Sykes

I've been a director of SRI since it was first established. I participated in the initial financing for the charity in Hong Kong as both a donor and fundraiser. I've continued both since then.

Steve Metcalfe

I came on board to assist SRI after being inspired by previous fundraising work I'd done in Indonesia and living in Asia for many years. I help to source sustainable funding.

Mei Zhang

I help SRI as a volunteer with the marketing and fundraising, especially to China. I've had a longstanding interest in education and the environment and SRI combines the two.