Why Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka

SRI was founded after the 2004 Tsunami by a group of friends based in Hong Kong. The initial aim was to dispense emergency aid, but over the years the charity has transformed into fully-fledged NGO.

We support disadvantaged children and community members through our educational and environmental work.

In the educational field, we renovate poorly-provisioned schools, provide much-needed equipment and sponsor students, plus their teachers.

On the environmental side, we try to help Sri Lanka to preserve its biodiversity. Two important areas include human-elephant conflict and linking environmental awareness to the country's tourism potential (to try and show the local community how this can help them to boost their incomes).

We are based in Southern Province and in particular the area around Hambantota. This was deliberate. We believe that if we are part of one community, then we will have a much better understanding of what it needs.

We work closely with the Zonal Department of Education, the Department of Wildlife and Conservation, plus other community leaders to make sure that we execute projects, which are a priority and are also sustainable.

We employ an eight-strong team on the ground, half of whom work at our main project: a regional training centre, which we established in 2007 (the MCTC).

All of the trustees act on a completely voluntary basis. Every rupee we raise goes directly to where it's needed.

The Need

Schools outside the capital are very poorly equipped both in terms of buildings and contents. Most classrooms don't have ceilings, windows, electricity, and sometimes even a partition with their neighbouring one.

Uduwila School IT Lab Before

Uduwila School IT Lab After