SRI Project Team

We have a three-strong team at our office in Tissamaharama who have all been with SRI since we first came to Sri Lanka

Mr Jaya - Project Manager

I run the NGO's operations in Sri Lanka and have been here from the very start. I enjoy the focus on education and the environment.

My great love in life (apart from my family) are elephants. Before SRI, I spent 10 years working in elephant conservation at the Centre for Conservation and Research in Colombo.

I enjoy spending time in the field tracking wild elephants and trying to manage the conflicts that arise when population expansion encroaches onto their natural habitat and crops get trampled.

Mrs Nimeshika - Finance Manager

I oversee the NGO's finances, but I also teach the Kids Class at the MCTC using the IT knowledge I gained after I joined SRI.

I've been with the NGO from the very beginning. Before that, I was a volunteer Tamil teacher at a local school and that's how I met one of the directors who was also volunteering there for a while.

I like SRI's educational focus particularly now that I have three children of my own and can see how they're benefitting from the educational resources, which the NGO provides to schools in the area.

Mr Sanjeewa - Project Officer

My name is Sanjeewa but lots of people call me Teddy because they say that I look like a teddy bear (walaha).

I've been working part-time for SRI since 2007 and also work alongside my father and brother as a safari driver at the nearby national parks.

I like the fact that SRI does so many things to help children in the area and to preserve the environment. I'm also SRI's main photographer on the ground and love to get out and about taking pictures of children and wildlife.