We have three full-time teachers at the MCTC, who are assisted by an intern and our finance manager Nimeshika who teaches the Kids Class, plus a number of government teachers who participate in many of our events

Mr Tharindu - MCTC Manager

I've been involved with SRI since 2007 and love working here because the centre is situated in the school I attended as a child. My own children now attend too.

SRI helped me to improve my IT skills, sponsoring me to complete a diploma course in hardware and networking, web design and desktop publishing.

I now try to spread awareness among parents in the area, most of whom are farmers and don't always understand why IT will benefit their children.

Before SRI I worked as a Programme Assistant in the Child Protection Division of an NGO based in Hambantota.

Mr Nuwan - Hardware Manager

I've been working at the MCTC since it opened and am now the hardware manager.

In addition to teaching, I also visit many schools in the area to repair their computers and provide new parts. I often take my hardware pupils with me so they can gain hands-on experience.

I've lived in Tissa all my life and SRI helped me to gain my IT qualifications after I left school with A-levels. I'm now married with two children.

Mrs Thushari - Administrative Manager

I've been with the MCTC since it was founded and am a teacher as well as the centre's admin manager. I'm responsible for all the student registration and attendance details.

SRI gave me my computer training after I left school with A-levels, sponsoring me to do an HND. The NGO has also sponsored some of my brothers and sisters through their education as part of its student sponsorship scheme.

I now have children of my own and I enjoy teaching because most of the MCTC students are innocent children from rural families who do not have a computer at home, or much IT knowledge.