About the MCTC

About Us

The Mahasenpura Community Training Center (MCTC) is SRI's landmark project, opened in February 2007.

SRI built and funds the centre, which is situated in Mahasenpura School and has 23 networked computers.

It's run by and for the local community, providing free courses and training seven days a week.

Tharindu Geetham, a former pupil of Mahasenpura School manages the MCTC. He is assisted by three teachers: Mr Nuwan, Mrs Thushari and Mrs Nimeshika who is also the NGO's finance manager.

The whole team come from the area. They were hired and trained by SRI after leaving school and have been with the charity since the outset, either in a paid or voluntary capacity.

The centre's two security guards, Mr Kumara and Mr Jinasena, also both had children attending the school.

The MCTC started off exclusively focusing on IT, but has broadened its scope over the years.

Today, it still gives many students their first practical IT experience through a host of difference courses and events.

Many are 16- or 18-year old school leavers who attend courses in the roughly six-month period between getting their exam results and starting the next stage of their education. Others are as young as grade III.

The MCTC also runs bespoke training for community members and works alongside the Department of Education to provide specialised IT training for government teachers.

The centre has strong links with schools in the area, as the charity built many of their IT labs. Deputy MCTC Manager, Nuwan, continues to service their computers.

In recent years, the MCTC has established an increasing number of environmental and language classes, events and seminars. These are all aimed at serving an area with huge tourism potential thanks to its surrounding national parks.

MCTC FAST FACTS 2007 - 2021

IT labs other schools: 15

IT parts other schools: 1,158

Courses: 125

Certificate students: 2,601

Events: 43

Events participants: 2,805

School students: 1,359

Interns: 16

How You Can Help

Supporting the MCTC is SRI's main financial focus: raising enough money to pay the teachers' salaries, maintain the equipment and continue our outreach work.

We welcome corporate or individual sponsorship. Every rupee helps us to ensure the MCTC's sustainability.

We are also happy to organize voluntary work as this helps to promote cultural exchanges and broaden the students' horizons.


One of the MCTC's main activities is servicing IT labs at government schools in the area. SRI built and equipped many of these labs and tries to provide IT parts and software on an ongoing basis.

These days, most Sri Lankan schools have a few computers. The problem is that they're often broken, either because they were donated years ago and/or the school doesn't have an IT budget for repairs and replacement parts.

The MCTC's deputy manager, Nuwan, spends much of his time trying to rectify this. He often takes students from his hardware courses with him so they gain some practical experience, often at schools they recently attended.