Kawantissapura Science Equipment

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Kawantissapura Science EquipmentThe science lab at Kawantissapura School continues to go from strength to strength thanks to the ongoing generosity of Mary Sweeney and her family in Ireland.

The lab was originally renovated and re-opened in December 2018 thanks to a bequest in Mary’s will. She had been a scientist researching Huntington’s disease at University College London’s neurogenetics unit and wanted to encourage other young students to develop a love for the sciences.

Her sister Catherine donated some money to provide some additional equipment. At the teacher’s request we purchased some magnifying glasses, plus 60 slides  - 30 botany and 30 zoology to help the pupils with their studies.

Kawantissapura Science LabCatherine’s sister-in-law, Mairead, also produced a series of posters covering each part of the body and these are now up in the lab too.

Having a proper lab and decent equipment is already making a huge difference.

In 2018, only 7.14% of students secured a pass in their O-level science exam.

One year later, the figure had shot up to 30.7%. Pictured (above), is the vice principal examining a slide and the lab’s two science teachers.



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